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Author Bio

About Holly, the author:


          Holly Kelly is most well known for her best-selling RISING SERIES~undersea and above-the-water paranormal romances based in Greek Mythology. Her first published work, RISING, was published in 2013 by Clean Teen Publishing and rose quickly to become a bestseller. At the publication of the subsequent three books in the series, all of the books rose higher on the bestseller's lists.

            Holly's next adventure began with the release of her latest novels~CURSED BY THE FOUNTAIN OF

YOUTH and BEAUTY AND THE HORSEMAN'S HEAD (A Sleepy Hollow story)! These Paranormal Romances are part of a series called THE UNNATURAL STATES OF AMERICA. These books explore the realm of American myths and legends. They were both became best-sellers at publication and have received positive reviews. I’Dtale Magazine had this to say about Cursed by the Fountain of Youth: “Readers of fantasy, as well as suspense and romance,  will find this novel fascinating and delightful as they turn the pages on this remarkable, romantic adventure in the fabled realm of the Fountain of Youth.”

Holly has now embarked on a new series of adventures in the Rising world. She is currently writing a series called OLYMPUS HIGH. It's a Young Adult Paranormal Romance that picks up at the end of Raging with new characters and a few old characters that play minor roles in the story. The main character, Jemma, is one of three triplets born to Zeus and Peisinoê (one of three ancient, winged sirens). Jemma was also one of the many infant gods who had their powers stolen by Zeus and was raised among humans with no knowledge of her parentage or her siblings. Her love interest, Joal, is the captain of the swim team and a son of Poseidon and Ved-ava (a Norse sea goddess). Together, Jemma and Joal battle monsters, vindictive high school classmates, enthralled mobs, and crazy family members. When betrayed by those they trust, they find themselves facing their greatest threat yet. 

About Holly, the wife, mother, and teacher:

           Holly Kelly is a wife and mother of six children.  In addition to parenting survival techniques, she has a variety of interests ranging from the obvious (reading and writing) to Halloween prop making, visual arts, cover design, martial arts, and playing Settlers of Catan with her husband and kids. She was also a Language Arts and Creative Writing teacher for several years and is currently working on her Master's Degree in Creative Writing.

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