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Author Bio-Holly Kelly

Holly Kelly is a wife, mother of six, English teacher, martial artist, and daydreamer. Holly spent her childhood in a small town in Kansas reading, climbing trees, tumbling across her front yard, and swimming daily at the local pool where she spent her time pretending to be a mermaid.

When she was a young teen, she and her family moved to Texas and then, during her senior year in high school, they moved to Utah. Despite living in the desert, Holly's fascination with the ocean grew. Before graduating from high school, she decided she wanted to be a marine biologist. This led to her attending college in Hawaii. She adored her time there swimming in the clear, blue waters and studying the marine life, but missing her family had her returning to the mainland.

While attending college at BYU in Provo Utah, she met and married karate teacher, James Kelly. Holly and James then welcomed six beautiful, amazing children into their home. Between diaper changes and late-night feedings, Holly decided she wasn't tired enough. She began writing a novel, which she did between 3 and 6 AM every morning (before the kids woke up). Several years and four completed novels later, CTP Publishing offered her a contract to publish Rising, and the rest, they say, is history! Holly now has six published novels, a published short story, and a new trilogy under contract.

Holly now spends her time writing, teaching high school part-time, and working on her master's degree in Creative Writing. Oh, and don't forget reading! She's always reading!

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