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Cursed by the Fountain of  Youth

(The First Book in The Unnatural States of America Collection)


For centuries, countless adventurers have searched for the Fountain of Youth. Those who found it thought they would gain eternal life. Instead, they find themselves murdered by its guardians. There was, however, one, lone survivor—Fae Miller. As an infant, she not only survived the Fountain, she took its power.


Twenty-two years later, Fae is hiding in plain sight at a local college. She’s is determined to leave the past behind her and live a normal life. But for one dying man, the search for the Fountain of Youth continues, and he is leaving a trail of blood and mutilated bodies in his wake. Unfortunately, that trail leads directly to Fae. Her only hope is a young, new college professor, also known as Special Agent Nick Chase of the FBI. Nick is determined to do two things: keep Fae alive, and keep his relationship with his student professional. Both of these jobs prove difficult—especially when love and magic get involved.

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Beauty and the Horseman's Head Version 3

Beauty and the Horseman's Head

(The Second Book in The Unnatural States of America Collection)


It’s 1792 and Hope is on the run. She finds shelter in a glen called Sleepy Hollow. Luck is with her as the town is unexpectedly looking for a new teacher and Hope is hired for the job. Unfortunately, not everything is looking up for her. Not only is the mayor out to get her fired and the local witch determined to slice her up and brew her organs into potions, but hidden under the floorboards of her quaint little cabin, she finds a man. His name is Conall.

Conall is demanding, he’s ornery, and though he has undeniably handsome features, he is missing something of vital importance…

His body.


Get a Signed Paperback Copy of Beauty and the Horseman's Head For Only $9.99!
(shipping cost is $2.99 making the total $13.98)

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Get a Signed Paperback Copy of Rising
For Only $9.99!
(shipping cost is $2.99 making the total $12.98)

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Rising (book 1 in the Rising Series)

Xanthus is a soldier, the most lethal Dagonian in the sea. Sara’s a human half-breed, an abomination loathed and abhorred by his kind. Xanthus’s job is simple: hunt Sara down and destroy her. There’s only one problem. She’s the most beautiful, most exquisite and disarmingly sweet woman he’s ever met. When he refuses to carry out his duty, the executioner becomes the protector, and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Descending (book 2 in the  Rising Series)


When Xanthus cashes in a long-standing favor, Kyros is faced with doing two things he thought he'd never do—protect a mermaid and live on land. Dagonians loathe mermaids and Sara, Xanthus's wife, is no exception. Also, a Dagonian standing on human legs? It's just not natural!


As if being around the vile creatures responsible for polluting his home and killing his sister wasn't horrible enough, Kyros has to deal with Sara's troublesome human friend, Gretchen. This spunky human tries his patience and makes him feel things he shouldn't be feeling—least of all for a land-walker! When Gretchen's life is threatened, he is forced to become her protector. But there are two problems. First, how can he fight his attraction to her when he must keep her close? And second, when a mermaid wants you dead, no one can be trusted. Not even the ones you love.



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Get a Signed Paperback Copy of Descending for $9.99!
(shipping cost is $2.99 making the total $12.98)

Avenging (book 3 in the  Rising Series)


Two thousand years ago, King Triton witnessed the slaughter and total annihilation of his merchildren. He vowed then and there to never again father a child. Powerful and eternally youthful, Triton was no stranger to seduction. But his resolve was unwavering—until he met Nicole. Unable to resist the human woman, he found himself swept up in her arms. When he finally came to his senses, he abandoned her to return to his refuge in the sea.

Twenty years later, he comes face to face with his daughter. Triton is both thrilled and frightened to learn he’s a father. Meeting the child he never knew fills a void in his life. But at the same time, he once again finds his heart at risk. Even more terrifying, he’s forced to admit he’s still in love with Nicole. Gathering his courage, he leaves the sea to seek her out. But the pain he caused is not easily forgotten. And mending broken hearts should be the least of his worries. The elements are in commotion, threatening the utter destruction of mankind. And much to the sea god’s surprise, the human woman he loves may be the key to saving them all.

Get a Signed Paperback Copy of Avenging for $9.99!
(shipping cost is $2.99 making the total $12.98)

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Raging (book 4 in the  Rising Series)

The long-awaited conclusion to The Rising Series. 


For two thousand years, a betrayer has occupied the throne on Olympus. Hungry for power, he has wreaked havoc among the gods, as well as the humans on earth. But a spark of hope ignites in the form of four young women—ones who are destined to free the true king and save the human world. Two have been found, and the others must be located before it's too late. 
Drakōn would love nothing more than to turn his back on the whole thing. It's not that he doesn't care about humans, but he has his own world to worry about. But then, he is given an impossible task—one he finds himself unable to refuse. He is charged with protecting a woman, but not just any woman—Tana, goddess of wind and fire. 
Tana is more than he bargains for. Sentenced to an eternity of imprisonment for burning hundreds to death in a fiery inferno, she has powerful enemies. Drakōn finds himself facing off with those adversaries even as he questions why he doesn't simply destroy her himself. But Tana is one of four destined to save the world. That is, if she doesn't destroy it first. And Drakōn? He may just lose his most guarded possession. His heart.



Get a Signed Paperback Copy of Raging for $9.99!
(shipping cost is $2.99 making the total $12.98)

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